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Shortage of Closures and Frontals: Why its happening and what people can do as an alternative.

Author: Christina Wen





Why your closures and frontals are out of stock

Let’s start off with a question.

How many hours does it take to create your 4*4 closures?

Would you say 1 hour?

Maybe 5 hours?

Actually, it will take an experienced worker about 20 hours to hand-tie all the hairs to the lace to create your 4*4 closures.

And these are simply some of the smaller products.

Imagine how much time it would take to make a 7*7 closure, a 13*6 frontal or even a full lace wig.

Then we’re talking about days or even weeks of labor to even create a single product.

Who is crazy enough to do this?

In some western countries minimum wage is around $10.

If we hire someone at this salary, we’d be spending about $200 to create a single 4*4 closure. Are you willing to spend $225 on a 10” 4*4 closure?

I guess not, so it’s better to find some cheap labor.

The minimum wage in China is about 18 Chinese Yuan ($2.5) per hour.

If we’d hire a Chinese worker and pay her minimum wage, we’d still have to pay her about $50 per closure.

It’s still quite expensive, and that’s why we’re looking for even cheaper labor.

Fortunately, China borders with North Korea.

It’s a bit of a weird country and even for Chinese it’s really difficult to get insights into how that country works.

However, we know that their labor fee is quite low, meaning that China will often fall back to North Korea when it comes to reducing the cost of manufacturing.

Your frontals, closures and full lace wigs are mostly all hand-tied in North Korea.

So why are these products out of stock now?
As Covid-19 hit China, North Korea quickly followed.

Officially they have 0 cases, but then again, that’s government control of the media.

They’ve closed their borders, and threatened to shoot anyone who would cross.

This means that no new lace products have been coming out of North Korea for already about 4 months.

Luckily Chinese factories tend to stock quite a bit of hair, but 4 months is a really long time for no new products.

Stock has been slowly decreasing over time.

Products with lower stock (5*5, 6*6, 7*7, 13*6, transparent lace, HD lace) were the first selling out, meaning most of the products currently still available are brown lace, 4*4 closures and 13*4 frontals.

Closures are a bit more popular, meaning that these sell out faster than the 13*4 frontals.


Why your vendors ask you to get bundles with your closure / frontal order

Sometimes your current vendor doesn’t have the frontals or closures that you’re looking for.

If you go to another vendor and ask to just buy frontals, they will mostly ask you to buy bundles with them.

It’s not meant to be rude, but can be perceived as such.

For us vendors, we’re quite sure that we will run out.

Mostly if we don’t have a matching lace-products with the bundle, a client will go to another vendor and buy from them.

So not having a match, will make us lose sales.

So, we’re trying to make the best of our last stock, and simply try our best to sell them as sets.


What to do without closures / frontals?

It has become the standard for quite a while to buy sets and have them installed.

Not having frontals or closure would be an issue.

I’m currently not aware of how Covid-19 has affected the availability of frontals and closures for other countries, nor have clear insights about the quality of their lace products.

They might or might not provide an alternative to Chinese frontals and closures.

As a Chinese, I never had to wear wigs or have hair installed.

I wouldn’t be the best person to judge on what a viable alternative would be.

But it’s possible to make wigs without bundles (i.e. U-Part wigs), or even have bundles installed without frontals or closures.

There are some YouTube videos on this, and some of them actually look quite good.

If you have an even better solution, it would definitely be worth it to work it out, make some YouTube videos, Instagram posts and sell the product yourself.

In more difficult times, the ones who conquer the difficulties will be the successful ones.

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