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Should I Sell Raw Hair Or Virgin Hair

Should I sell Raw Hair OR Virgin Hair?

By Cristina Wen; cristina@bossique.com; www.bossique.com; WhatsApp: +86 135 3369 3283

Let’s break down the definition of these 2 labels first.

  • Raw hair is hair which was cut directly from a donor, and is 100% unprocessed.
  • Virgin hair is hair which was cut directly from a donor, and is chemically unprocessed.

So, the difference between these two comes down to that virgin hair is steam-styled. In other words, steam-style your raw hair, and it turns into virgin hair.

Then is virgin hair of lower quality than raw hair? No! Steam-styling has a negligible effect on quality, making real virgin hair of the same quality as raw hair.

Then what’s more expensive, virgin or raw hair? Well, as virgin hair is steam-styled raw hair, and steam-styling the hair costs money to do, virgin hair would be more expensive than raw.

But wait, isn’t virgin hair supposed to be cheaper than raw hair? Well, it only appears to be, because a majority of vendors call their non-virgin hair as virgin hair.


Then what is the hair they’re actually selling as virgin?

It’s the kind of hair which wasn’t cut directly from a donor.

Yes, it’s floor hair.

This means that the cuticles of this type of hair aren’t aligned, and thus needs to get chemically processed.

Otherwise the hair would tangle badly.

There are 2 main ways to process the hair, and the one that often gets called as virgin is the “remy machine aligned” hair.

Check this video for details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU1klybJHFM&t=290s.

After this, the hair still gets an acid bath to further smoothen the cuticles.

This is mainly why this type of hair can only be bleached to #27 and lasts max 1 year.

So how does the machine work?

Get some of the hair on your head, and hold it under tension.

Stroke down the hair with your fingers.

The feeling should be smooth.

Now go in the other direction.

You will feel a certain resistance.

The machine makes use of this and only lets hair in one direction go through.

It’s not aligning it 100% and that’s why it still needs to get chemically processed.

There’s another way of processing the hair, which skips the remy machine aligning, and straight goes for stripping the cuticles in acid.

This is generally the lowest quality of human hair and should only be sold if you don’t care for quality, and simply want the cheapest available hair.


Then what about this one donor raw young girl hair vs multiple donor older woman virgin hair talk?

Both One Donor Hair as hair from a donor of a certain age are pure marketing talk.

Having hair from 2 donors doesn’t make the hair lower quality than having it from one.

Same way that your 4-donor install doesn’t decrease in quality after you’ve installed your 3 single donor bundles.

Hair from a donor definitely doesn’t come in perfect bundles of 100 grams, with a perfectly controlled long-to-short hair ratio.

This is all controlled by the manufacturer.

The only way it matters is that the hair from many donors (floor hair) is impure in color, and therefore gets dyed into a pure color.

It’s possible to test for this using a scraping test. https://youtu.be/QZiztrKDbBc


That’s all great information Cristina, but should I sell Raw Hair or Virgin Hair?

It’s the wrong question, as people mean different things by different labels.

Half your clients will believe that virgin hair is top quality, while the other half will think that it is lower quality than raw hair.

The question you should ask is: “Should I send high-end hair, or middle-end hair?”

The high-end hair is what is cut from a donor directly and didn’t get chemically processed.

The middle-end is the remy machine aligned floor hair.

As the high-end hair is more expensive and people are generally looking to spend the least amount of money, it’s harder to sell.

It would completely depend on your ability to convince other people’s that your bundles are worth their money.

So, for people who are relatively new to selling hair, selling middle-end hair would be a better choice.

But if you’re looking for absolutely the best quality hair in the market, and are confident that you’re able to convince others to buy your hair, then go for the high-end hair.



Can be bleached to #613, and #60 when done professionally

Can be bleached to #27, and will break easily when bleached lighter.

Lasts 2-3 years

Lasts max. 1 year

Doesn’t get frizzy when washed

Gets frizzy when washed and generally requires some frizz control.

Relatively Expensive

Wholesale: 30” at about $85-95*

Relatively Affordable
Wholesale: 30” at about $55-$65*

Relatively few complaints

Some complaints, but mainly when advertised as high-end hair

In sun light, the ends of natural color will generally look brown

As the color is dyed, there is a lack of this brownish natural glow at the ends


Still not sure what to sell? Order our free sample at www.bossique.com/shop/hair-sample/.

It’s a sample of the high-end hair, and a sample of the middle-end hair.

You’ll just have to pay for shipping.

*Prices may vary depending on the origin of the hair, fullness, actual weight vs claimed weight, actual length vs claimed length, etc.

I learned a lot today. Should I tell all of this information to my clients?

While honesty is great, I wouldn’t put headlines on your website that your ‘middle-end’ hair is chemically processed floor hair.

It would really hurt your sales, especially when 9 out of your 10 competitors are using the labels wrongly or falsely.

I mean even some of our wholesale competitors claim to sell hair from virgin girls…


Then what is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is hair of which the cuticles are aligned.

When used accurately, the high-end hair is Remy hair.

However, in a way it also describes hair that had the cuticles aligned with machine.


Then can 613 blonde hair be virgin or raw?

Unless the donor originally had 613 hair, the hair obtained this color by using chemicals (bleaching).

Therefore, this kind of hair cannot be raw or virgin by definition.

However, it matters a great deal if it’s bleached high-end hair or bleached middle-end hair, as strongly bleached middle-end will generally be over processed and not last that long.


While the above information is as accurate as I can describe the difference between the labels, it’s important to be aware that a lot of the people will not agree with your definition.

So, when communicating with other people, try to make sure what they mean by a certain label and what you mean by a certain label.

Otherwise we end up talking past each other.

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