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Hair Business Guide + FREE Celebrity Hair Vendors + FREE Hair Website

Hair Business Guide  + FREE Celebrity Hair Vendors + FREE Hair Website

Hair Business Guide + FREE Celebrity Hair Vendors + FREE Hair Website

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"As long as your hair business is paying even 1 of your bills, you're a success"  -Barbara Morise

Starting a Hair Business is more than just having "The Best Hair In The World"

You need to know how to sell the hair otherwise you will be stuck with the inventory.   

If you want to start a Hair Business and make money IMMEDIATELY, this is the Guide and Vendors you NEED to be using.


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Launch Your Hair Business Guide includes:

  • To-Do List Before Launch
  • Finding The Right Business Name
  • Starting Your Business With Little To No Money
  • Must Have Mobile Apps For Your Hair Business
  • Creating A Hair Website
  • Gauging How Much Hair You Should Buy
  • How Much To Sell Your Hair For
  • Branding Your Hair
  • Should You Get A Business Loan
  • Steps To Getting A Business License
  • Marketing Your Hair Business
  • Trust Signals 
  • Photoshoots
  • Tips For Making That First Sale
  • Increasing Sales
  • Flash Sales
  • Finding a Brand Ambassador
  • Facebook Ads
  • Shipping





Free Hair Vendors

These are the TOP 50 Hair Vendors used by over 300 Hair Businesses to generate sales.

 OVER 50 Reviewed wholesale hair vendors included! Others Hair Business's Have gone through the trial and error of finding a hair vendor so you don't have to. Now it's your turn to provide the same type of quality for your customers!

  • Indian
  • Cambodian
  • Burmese
  • Indonesian
  • Vietnamese
  • Malaysian
  • Drop-Ship and Private Label Vendors
  • Wholesale Wig Vendors
  • 613 Vendors
  • HD Lace 
  • Braided Wig Vendors




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Future Hair Empires

Got my 1st sale yesterday💁🏽 was so happy! Posting videos and pics of the hair with captive captions and colors.  Your book helped me so much!


I got my first sale on snapchat by posting videos of me wearing my hair and showing it looked before bed & after I woke up and finger combing it. It was deep wave. Thank YOU

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