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Join Our Vendor List

Join Our Vendor List

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"As long as your hair business is paying even one of you're bills, your a success"  -Barbara Morise

Do any of these apply to you:

✅My Hair Business is struggling

✅I Have yet to get my first sale

✅I'm not getting traffic to my website

✅People are inquiring but not making a purchase

With over 1,500 volumes sold, the vendors on our list are seeing consistent traffic to their products


We spend 10's of Thousands advertising our vendor list which is free advertising for you

When you purchase this service you will be added to the sponsored vendors section of our list within 24 hours.

And an email will be sent to the prior customers that a new vendor has been added.

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We are going to keep improving and selling copies of our book.  We hope you will join the journey with us.


Future Hair Empires

Got my 1st sale yesterday💁🏽 was so happy! Posting videos and pics of the hair with captive captions and colors.  Your book helped me so much!


I got my first sale on snapchat by posting videos of me wearing my hair and showing it looked before bed & after I woke up and finger combing it. It was deep wave. Thank YOU

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